Friday, January 14, 2011

Cut Costs by Shopping out of Season

I firmly believe that no one should pay full price for ANYTHING! 

During my personal quest toward an even more frugal lifestyle, I have learned that 90% of the time, there is a coupon, promo code, discount, sale, or clearance price that may be applied to an item; reducing it's full price.  If you wait long enough for this to happen, you can reap some hefty savings. 

An Item will NOT stay the same price while in circulation simply because of supply and demand.  When suppliers supply too much merchandise for an item that does not equally reflect the true demand for that item, we end up with fabulous places like  Stores like TJ Max, for example, sell dresses at least 50% off the original ticket price. 

Is the 50% off dress 50% less the quality it once was when it's price was at 100%? NO WAY!

I recently strolled through Walmart's after Christmas inventory and found everything I needed to wrap presents for next year at 75% off the original price.  Sure I'll have to store it until the time I need it, but I would much rather spend a little money now and store the item VS waiting until the week before Christmas next year and have no other choice but to pay full price. 

I have been using the "Save & Store" method for my clothes shopping with great results.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Make Money Online with InboxDollars

In my never ending quest to make extra money.  I stumbled across another GPT site.  GPT stands for Get Paid To, and these sites actually pay people to work for them.  I'm a member of two other GPT sites already, so I knew exactly what to do to start earning money right away.  Inboxdollars is unique from other Get Paid To sites in a number of ways... 

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