Thursday, January 13, 2011

Make Money Online with InboxDollars

In my never ending quest to make extra money.  I stumbled across another GPT site.  GPT stands for Get Paid To, and these sites actually pay people to work for them.  I'm a member of two other GPT sites already, so I knew exactly what to do to start earning money right away.  Inboxdollars is unique from other Get Paid To sites in a number of ways... 

Most Get Paid To sites only offer its members limited money making opportunities by means of reading surveys and complete offers or tasks.  Inboxdollars does as well, but they also have a few unique money making features that set them apart and above other GPT sites, in my opinion. 

The main difference between Inboxdollars and other GPT sites is that it pays members to read daily E-mails!  Hence the name.  I don't know about you, but I check my E-mail about five times a day.  You will only be paid 2-3 cents per E-mail, but it's easy money and it adds up.  

InboxDollars Videos pays 2-4 cents for watching commercials and other short videos.  They simply flash two numbers across the video and at the end, ask you what those two numbers were.  If you paid attention, receiving cash credit should be easy enough for just about anyone.  I personally mute it and just watch the clip. New videos are uploaded every day so the earnings down this avenue never get stale.

Another money making opportunity unique to Inboxdollars is the Grocery Coupon feature that pays $.10 for each coupon used.  Simply download the coupon toolbar, select the coupons you want, print them out, and use them next time you grocery shop.  After a few months you will be credited cash in your Inboxdollars account. 

By far the easiest way to earn money with Inboxdollars is by browsing the web.  Inboxdollars has its own toolbar that can be installed.  You automatically get $1.00 for downloading it, but the earnings don't end there.  You can use their toolbar to search the Internet earning you 2 cents per search, up to five searches a day.  It's only too bad Google doesn't pay me to search the Internet or else I'd be filthy rich! ; )

Many Get Paid To sites offer cash rewards for shopping online to such places as Walmart and Petsmart.  These GPT sites will deposit a percentage of your online purchase into your user account.  Inboxdollars hands down offers the HIGHEST percentage of cash back available to shoppers.  So, if you become a member at Inboxdollars and shop online through their website and spend $50.00 at, with a 4% return, you will receive $2.00 in your account.  How cool is that?!

Completing sponsored offers is the bread and butter of most Get Paid To sites.  As a member of several GPT sites, I can say with authority that Inboxdollars pays the most money per offer.  In comparison to CashCrate, the majority of the SAME offers completed instead through Inboxdollars will pay its members anywhere between $.50 - $1.00 MORE per offer. 

Referral Rewards with Inboxdollars is similar to CashCrate's referral program. Referral Rewards means you will be credited a portion of the money earned by those you referr to Inboxdollars.  These referrals must be active in order for you to earn money off of them.  If not, Inboxdollars will drop those referrals from the site.  This may seem like a shock at first glance, but it is really a blessing, because Inboxdollars is looking for quality workers, not quantity.   

Gold Membership with Inboxdollars is available to all members who reach the payout threshold, which is $30.00 by the way.  Some of the better Gold Member Benefits include automatically weekly payouts and more referral rewards, among a few other perks. 

All in all I would give Inboxdollars two thumbs up!  The sign up Bonus of $5.00 is a great incentive to get started.  At this point I am only $5.60 away from receiving my first payout of $30.00.  Earning Money with Inboxdollars has been fun, and is a great addition to any ones Online Money Making endeavors. 

Are any of you Inboxdollars Members?  Did you have success?

Have an oppinion about Inboxdollars?

Know of a better GPT site you'd like to share?

Good Luck


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