Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Earn Money with InboxDollars Videos

How many people are watching commercials everyday?  Hello, all of us!  Now you can get paid cash for watching those commercials.  How you ask!  With InboxDollars Videos.  InboxDollars is a GPT site that offers its members many easy ways to earn money online.  One of my personal favorites is to earn money by watching commercials and short videos. 

It's simple and the money is credited immediately into your member account. Once you sign up with InboxDollars you will be eligible to watch 5-10 videos a week.

Simply Log in, then click on the Videos Tab.  Next, click on the Play button that says "Click Here to Launch Video Player."  A short 3 question survey must be filled out before you can view your videos. 

After you answer your short survey, you will be given a list of videos you can watch for cash!  A video will begin and InboxDollars will display 2 different numbers at 2 different times across either the top/bottom or left/right of the video. 

I would recommend keeping a pen and pad next to you when watching the videos.  My brain is so ADD sometimes that I'll forget the numbers as soon as any distraction pops up.  Write the 2 numbers down that flash across the video.  After the video is over, you will be prompted to type in the 2 numbers that you saw in any order. 

Type those 2 numbers and hit enter.  And BAM!  You've just earned 2-4 cents!

Enter the incorrect numbers, and you get no credit, and you can't watch the video again.  So Pay Attention!

There is really no pattern to the numbers, so don't try finding an easy way out of watching the videos.  Watching the videos is easy enough, trust me. 

Once you've reached Gold Membership with InboxDollars, you can earn even more money by watching InboxDollars Videos.

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