Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sell Photos Online - Dreamstime Review

Selling pictures online is a lot harder than I expected.  I researched it for quite a bit and decided to go with Dreamstime.  Dreamstime was reviewed as one of the best stock photo agencies due to its high commission (50%) for participating photographers.  Many people have made money through Dreamstime, I however, had no success. 

I submitted 20 pictures over the past 10 days and all were rejected. 

I believe the main reasons why I was unable to find success at Dreamstime were...

  1. I didn't have a good enough camera.  I have a Sony digital camera with a great many pixels, but it was simply not able to take the quality of pictures that Dreamstime was accepting. 
  2. I don't own the proper editing tools to clean up my pictures.  Most photographers have photoshop to help them edit their digital pictures.  I'm not in the financial position to spend money on a photo editing program. 
  3. The sight is large and complex.  I mulled over the FAQ's, Help, and User guides for what seamed like hours.  I had to study up on photography terms I was unfamiliar with, spent half a day researching proper key wording tools, and all for nothing.  All my pictures were rejected.  
  4. Uploading, editing, describing, and categorizing pictures is way too time consuming for me.  Dreamstime is not compatible with newbies at all.  It is more suited as a money making tool for those with photography experience and the time to product good quality pictures. 
Yes Dreamstime pays a good commission, but that commission is worthless if none of your pictures are accepted.  My personal opinion is that selling pictures online is a waste of time. 

The point of earning money online is to maximize your profit by exerting the least amount of time and energy to do so.  I'm only going to give my two thumbs up for money making opportunities that can actually make you money. 

I do have a few more pictures that I have yet up upload.  Since I've taken the time to take them, I guess I'll give Dreamstime one more chance, and upload this last batch.  Hopefully with some success. 

Overall I would give Sell Pictures Online, two thumbs down.  The costs, in this case, outweigh the benefits.  The return on investment is slim to none. 

Have you had success selling pictures online?  Tips or Advise you'de like to share?
Why do you think I was unable to find success with this experiment?  Comments Welcome.
Perhaps Dreamstime wasn't the correct avenue.  Know a better place?

Good Luck


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