Sunday, October 10, 2010

Put Money in your Pocket Now

Those of us struggling financially don't really need to hear about saving money for retirement.  We need money now.  I have found a few easy ways to put money in your pocket instead of tossing it out the window.  You can accomplish all these quick fixes in less that a few hours.  A few nip-tucks on your monthly bills can really add up on the savings. 

  • Direct TV Refer a Friend Offer
Direct TV is offering existing customers the opportunity to save $10 dollars on their monthly bill for 10 consecutive months for each friend that they refer up to 10 friends.  That is quite an offer!  All you have to do is give your friend your account number and when they sign up, you get the savings! 
  • Compare Care Insurance Companies
You may be overpaying for car insurance.  Check online or call local insurance agencies for a free quote.  There is no point in sticking with your existing car insurance company if another one is willing to give you the same coverage for a lower rate.  Even if you only shave off a few bucks, that's a few more dollars you can keep in your pocket. 
  • Start Saving Money in One Minute
BillShrink is a cool website that can save you money in one minute!  It's a free service that helps you save money on everyday bills like your cell phone and credit cards. 

Cell phone providers, in particular, automatically tack on certain features to you phone bill that may be causing you to over pay.  Cell phone contracts and services are so complex sometimes, that most people don't even realize what they are signing up for exactly.  Omitting those unneeded features can really put money in your pocket. 

BillShrink can even locate the cheapest gas in your area!  Remember, every penny counts.
  • Walmart Prescriptions
For those of us who don't have any health insurance (present company included), paying full price for prescriptions can be a huge cost.  Thanks to Walmart and their list of $4.00 and $10.00 prescriptions, that cost can be cut down to barely nothing.  I can personally vouch for this money saving tip.  I save over $70.00 per month through Walmart's Pharmacy.  I simply called Walmart and they transferred my prescriptions right over from my previous provider. 

Have any of you had success with these quick fixes?  Tell me about it!
Know of any other easy ways to put money in your pocket now?  Share with the rest of us!

All comments are welcome, Hope this is helpful. 

Good Luck



Eric said...

dolla dolla bill ya'll.. ;)

Emily said...

Hey Eric! Thanks for commenting. You are my first official commenter on this blog! Congrats!

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