Thursday, October 14, 2010

Single Mom Earning Money with CashCrate

As promised, I have personally tested out CashCrate.  Earning Money online with CashCrate was a success right out of the gate.  After MUCH research and consideration, I signed up (for free) and started making money.  CashCrate met my criteria for earning extra money in every form. 

CashCrate gets my two thumbs up seal of approval for the following reasons:

  1. First of all CashCrate is free to sign up.  Who doesn't like free?!
  2. CashCrate is easy to do.  The web page is easy to navigate and 100% user friendly.  Complete with User Forums, How To Videos, and Tutorials. 
  3. It's Legitimate.  The site is filled with photos of real people with real checks.  I will post a picture of my check once it comes in. 
  4. CashCrate offers users several ways of making money by way of surveys, offers, playing games, or the with their referral program.
  5. Money can be earned in little time.  I only do 30 mins to an hour a day. 

I do encourage everyone to do their own research to form their own opinion about something, before they dive in head first. 

I read reviews on CashCrate for days before I signed up.  Many of the negative reviews had the same few complaints.  Those being:
  1. Their email was full of junk mail.
  2. They had unexpected charges on their credit cards.
  3. Cookies gave their computer bugs.
  4. They had extra charges on their cell phone bill.  
 Now, fear not, there are safe ways around all of these hick-ups. 
  1. To avoid your email box being bombarded with junk mail, simply create a new email address specifically for CashCrate.  I would suggest a free Gmail account.  I created two, because after further research, I found that when you switch up the email account, it helps speed up the approval process.  (Dont' ask me to explain the science behind that)
  2. People, use common sense, don't give your credit card numbers out so easily!  I mean, sure they are trying to lure you in with temptations of money and such, but don't be a fool.  My suggestion is to simply avoid the offers that ask for your credit card numbers all together.  Just say no!
  3. After EACH offer or survey completed, delete your computers cookies.  Simple as that.
  4. Never-EVER give out your cell phone number.  If the offer asks for it, close out of that one and look for another one. 

You won't make a ton of money with this site, but it will supplement your primary source of income.  Over a years time, you could earn enough money for a new stove or school clothes for the kids. 

For a further more in depth read on CashCrate I would recommend you check out this Step by Step CashCrate Guide for Beginners blog. 

You will learn about me and My CashCrate Story
Gmail Use with CashCrate &
Picture Proof that CashCrate Pays

Have you tried CashCrate?  Tell me your story!
Have some warnings or concerns about CashCrate?  Please let us all know!

Good Luck


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