Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pay for Text Books with Amazon Mechanical Turk

The Internet offers many creative work possibilities for broke college students.  One such creative work possibility is Amazon's Mechanical Turk.  Amazon Mechanical Turk is a great money earning opportunity for college students and single parents alike.  Personally, I earn enough money with MTurk to pay for my text books.   

The average College Student pays anywhere between $300-$500 per semester for text books.  This is a HUGE personal expense a for a single mother such as myself.  What's worse is that there is no layaway or pay as you go option for text books.  Students must pay in one huge chunk.  I have discovered an easy way to save up money for college text books and cut your out of pocket expense in half. Now I'm sharing the secret with you. 

Amazon outsources work to people via their online work station, Mechanical Turk.  When you become a member of Amazon's Mechanical Turk workforce, you can earn money online by completing simple tasks. 

To Read about all the Ins and Outs of Amazon's Mechanical Turk, read the article "Amazon Mechanical Turk - Secrets Out"

Enough money can be easily earned throughout the year to help pay for text books bought on

Once you are a Turk worker, you can start earning cash towards an Amazon Gift card.  When it's time to buy your college text books simply select the books needed and continue on to check out.  The balance of money earned with Mechanical Turk will automatically be credited toward your purchase. 

I have personally bought text books this way and ended up only paying half the price out of pocket.  The other half was covered by my Mechanical Turk earnings. 

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