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The Most Profitable Part-Time Job for Single Moms

Bartending is by far the most profitable part-time job for single mothers.  Despite what you may think, it is a fact that bartending will provide financial stability for broke single parents.

Mom Bartender's Make Lots of Money
Yes, take it from someone who is a single mother, full time student, and part-time bartender herself.  Tending bar provides my family with enough money to cover rent, all other bills, food, clothing, fun stuff, and even enough for savings. 

Some may be turned off by the idea of single moms part-time bartending because of some social stigmas or stereo-types associated with bartenders.   These views are outdated and don't merit judgements in today's day and age.  We are 21st century women providing for our families the best way we can, what is more courageous than that?  You are entitled to your opinions, but try to keep an open mind and let me explain why bartending is the most profitable part-time job for single moms. 

The biggest challenge of being a single mom and going to school full time is TIME itself.  Taking classes from 8-3 during the day means that I have to find work at night.  Homework and house chores only left me with work availability on the weekends.  So, the only place for me to find work was at a restaurant or bar.  I found a job as a bartender at a 4 star restaurant located in a wealthy town in Mississippi.   

A lot of people work at restaurants and tip money is still big, even in today's economy.  I personally work with people that have masters degrees and others who sell insurance.  People with "regular" jobs have found they need to moonlight at restaurants just to make ends meet.  A server at a high end restaurant will walk out on a Friday or Saturday with over $100 easy.  A bartender can walk with almost double that. 

For those of you who aren't familiar with the restaurant industry, let me explain why bartenders generally make more money than servers. 
  1. Clientele:  Most people sitting and dinning at a restaurant bar are well off.  I wouldn't go so far as to say they are all "rich," but when someone sits and eats in the bar, they are usually going to drink, and if you don't know, sales from alchole can be as much, if not more than food sales.  Plus, when people drink, they are more relaxed and are therefore more inclined to be generous with their tip.
  2. Atmosphere:  Generally when someone dines as a fancy restaurant, they will be served very formally.  A server must go through many required steps and procedures that are geared toward making the guests feel like they are kings and queens.  Guests in the dining room expect grand service.  Guests in the bar, however, are looking for a much more relaxed atmosphere.  An atmosphere conducive to loud talking, laughing, and drinking.  The relaxed atmosphere leaves room for flirting and conversation, which lead to nice tips and job offers.  *wink *wink
  3. Turn em - and Burn em:  This saying refers to the speed at which a restaurant "turns over" people.  Most restaurants expect to keep a table for an hour or less.  The more fancy restaurants can expect to keep a table for almost two hours.  The bar always has a higher turn over of people than the dinning room.  This means collecting more tips more frequently. 
Bartending, like with any job, has its pros and cons. 

  • Short Shifts - compared to working a 9-5
  • Great Pay - you will go home with cash in your pocket, plus a salary check
  • Independence - you may only have to work with one other bartender
  • Fun - its a job where smiling, laughing, and flirting are all expected
  • Never Boring - bartending is a fast pace job with lots of excitement
  • No Education - no need for bardending school, just read a bar book
  • Creative - mixing new drinks allows you to be creative and involved
  • Your Own Boss - the bar is usually separate from yelling managers
  • Interpersonal - a perk if you like connecting with and making people happy
  • Flexible - most bars and restaurants will hire for weekend work only
  • Tip Out - bartenders usually get a percentage of whatever the servers earn
  • Connection - many business men and women eat in the bar and making connections with these people can benefit you in the future. 
  • Late Shifts - personally I'm a night owl, so this is a perk, you may not like it
  • Babysitter - you may need to hire a babysitter while you work late shifts
  • Labor - may have to pick up cases of beer and wine and haul ice buckets
  • Cleanliness - most bars require rigorous cleaning and maintenance
  • Jerks - deal with drunk rude guests, but it doesn't happen often

If you have personality, a great smile, humour, and a strong work ethic, you should give bartending a try.  Bartending is not trashy and certainly not a sin.  Personally, bartending has been a complete life saver for my family.  Without it I wouldn't have been able to move out of my parents house, save up money, or pay for school. 

Bartending offers single moms many of the features in a job that they need like flexibility, no educational requirements, short shifts, and great pay. 

  • If outward appearances is the only thing stopping you from bartending, then look for a bartending position within fine dinning.  This sort of bartending is very professional and profitable.  Dress is very flattering and mature, and so is behavior.  No shorts and little tops at these sort of places. 

  • If outward appearances don't bother you, then go for it hunny.  Look for a bar or pub located in the most populated area you can.  Bars with live music are always jumpin.  Be sure to check out a potential bartending joint before you put in your application.  Look for one thing and one thing only.  LOTS OF PEOPLE.  The busier the bar is, the more money you will make. 

Part-Time bartending for single moms is definitely a stepping stool toward other opportunities.  Bartending will prepare you for high-stress situations, and teach you how to think on your toes.  It will give a boost to your conversation skills, and teach you the art of deflecting negative comments with grace and charm. 

I wouldn't trade my bartending experience for anything. My time spent bartending has made me a better woman and a better mother to my daughter, which is the ultimate goal of any single mother. 

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